Commission Holds Regular Meeting

On August 18, 2020 at 6:01PM, Ronnie Travis, President of the Doddridge County Commission called their Regular Meeting to order after holding a moment of silence and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. 

   The past meeting minutes, as presented by County Clerk Catee Slater, were approved as read. 

   Under Public Comments, each of the Commissioners thanked those in attendance and spoke to their feelings concerning the wearing of face masks. 

   New business presented to the Commissioners began with the Consideration of Consolidation of Land by Marilyn R. Barnes and Carolyn Bass concerning the consolidation of  4 contigious tracts for tax purposes. The documents provided by Assessor, David Sponaugle  indicated these properties could be legally be joined for tax purposes and would allow for only one tax ticket to cover the contiguous tracts.  Glaspell noted that the joining of the properties may give them a slight tax decrease if they were joining wood lots with meadowlands.  The Commission approved their request. 

   Approval of funds to purchase a new self-propelled lawn mower  for the Courthouse was discussed. Randee Britton indicated she had seen the old mowers and they were always breaking and from her description, falling apart. She stated that the janitor had went to look  for a new self-propelled mower at Parks ad was told it would be October before they would have any available to be sold.  The Commission tabled this request.   

   The COVID-19 Policies and Procedures were touched on  and by consensus, it was agreed to carry on with the policies that have been enacted but to enforce the mask policy, even if a person was just walking across the lobby. 

 Randee Britton spoke for David Sponaugle concerning the dates  for the October Board of Assessment and Appeals hearing. The Commission decided to meet on October 6, 2020 at 10:00AM for this purpose. 

   There were no Floodplain Permits nor was there an OEMS Report, due to Mr. Eidel being on vacation. 

   Neal Romain for the DCAA reported: A. balance of $124,881.89  in the Primary Checking: $330,447.38 balance in The Fund and $6337.77 Income for the month of August. 

   David King, CoW, reported: The roof is repaired, that it had taken longer to get the lift to and from the Courthouse than it took to repair the roof; Air conditioners that were broken at the Sheriff’s office building were gone over and repaired or parts ordered that were needed for repairs; Last Monday he had presented the request to close Cross Street to the Town of West Union and the Town Council tabled the request until their attorney could look at the documents; and Thrasher inspected the utility locations for the Annex and they believe that they are all good with none having to be removed. 

   There were no Budget Revisions or Probate Orders presented for approval. 

    Under Exonerations, twenty-two were presented and approved. 

   Towards the end of the meeting, Glaspell brought up the subject concerning the Town discussing the addition of a B & O Tax on the businesses. Consensus was that. It would hurt the Town more than help it.  

    Those present included: Commissioners Ronnie Travis, Clinton Means and Shawn Glaspell; Elected Officials County Clerk Catee Slater; Employees, Chief Deputy Clerk Beth Kellar, Executive Assistant Randee Britton, CoW David King, and DCAA Director Neal Romain.