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The Weekly Shaman

When walking up to the store on this warm spring night and get the wonderful fragrance of dandelions it brings to mind those warm summer nights, The common dandelion was once the popular flower to be turned into wine. Dandelion wine was often used as a tonic to ward off liver disease and ease arthritis. It was also used as a springtime tonic and remedy against heart disease, Dandelion juice was one rubbed on warts with the belief it would drive them away. Dandelions that were gathered during the summer solstice or St. John’s Eve were considered especially powerful as medicine and was believed to chase away witches. If dandelion fails to open up, then it will rain. Fairies were claimed to fly on dandelions similar to witches on broomsticks. Many consider dandelions to be weeds but I always considered the pretty flowers that welcome in the springtime. And so, it goes.