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Pursuant to Chapter 11, Article 3, Section 2a of the West Virginia Code, as ammended, notice is hereby given to all Doddridge County Real Property owners that for Tax Year 2022, Real Property will be as- sessed at sixty percent (60%) of its current market value.

To attain this market value, a general increase will be added to the Tax Year 2021 values. Some values may increase by ten percent (10%) or more, due, in some cases, to new construction or an increase in oil and gas royalty income.

Should you have any questions concerning the assessment of your Real Property, you may contact this office at (304) 873-1261. If you disagree with the value, you may appeal to the County Commission sitting as a Board of Review and Equalizarion.

David E. Sponaugle

Doddridge County Assessor