Brown-Crislip Reunion

August 15, 2021,  Post Reunion

   Since we were unable to hold our reunion last year due to the COVID VIRUS, we were privileged to meet for our 83rd reunion on August 15, 2019. We would like to thank David Nicholson for placing the signs where needed and Ann Davis who brought the table coverings and other supplies.

   After President, David Nicholson welcomed everyone he made some announcements. The Contest would be immediately after lunch. He also asks that everyone see Dian Currey to update the book with deaths, births and marriages. Everyone spent some time reminiscing and getting our food items organized.

   David asks for a moment of silence for those who passed on since last year, followed by Alvin Suttle saying the blessing for our food. David asks that the handicapped and older be first in line.

   After we all enjoyed a very delicious lunch, David called the meeting to order. He asks for a motion to dispense with reading the minutes. Motion was made, seconded and approved.

   Next on the agenda was roll call as follows: Albert 2, Ella 24, Wesley 1, and Thomas Floyd 5, totaling 32 descendants plus 6 visitors making the grand total 38.

   Prizes were presented to: Couple married longest-Bob and Dian Currey; Newest married couple-Vince and Michelle McMillan; Family traveling farthest-Kiersten Crislip; Largest family living under one roof-Courtney McMillan; Youngest female-Memphis McMillan; Oldest female-Dorothy (Dot) Davis; Youngest male-Cameron Clatterbuck and Oldest male-Alvin Suttle.

  The Treasurer’s Report was given by Ann Davis.

    Maintenance of two family cemeteries was discussed. Motion was made, seconded and approved to pay the same amount as last year. Also, motion was made, seconded and approved to pay the same amount as last year for the pavilion.

   Before the hat was passed for expenses next year, David spoke about Mary Ellen Alvarez who wrote a book on the families of Thomas and Julia Ann Brown. She brought a box of books that she didn’t sell and ask that David take care of them at the reunion. He did so, selling nine books at a reduced price and the money would be added to our treasurer’s report.

   Election of officers was discussed. Motion was made, seconded and approved that President and Secretary remain the same. Our Treasurer resigned her position so nomination was made, seconded and approved that Misty Davis would be our new Treasurer.

   Discussion was held about where to have next year’s reunion. We were informed by the lady in charge that the Pavilion may not be available next year. Bob Currey spoke about maybe getting the Lion’s Club Building and offered to check if it would be available on August 21st, 2022, next year. Also, the D.C. Park was another option to be checked out.

 Next, discussion was held about whether to continue the Contest. Last year it was voted down, but since a lot of complaints were made, it was voted on again. Motion was made, seconded and approved to continue with the Contest since it has been done for 83 years.

Motion was made, seconded and approved to adjourn.

   Those attending were: Dian and Bob Currey, Doris and Dorsey Pratt, Vince and Michelle McMillan, Ann Davis, Joyce Swiger, Salem, WV.; Alvin Suttle and Barbara Richards, PA.; Dorothy (Dot) Davis, Misty and Melvin Davis, New Milton, WV.; David and Janice Nicholson, Lost Creek, WV.; Kiersten Crislip, Cameron and Kamille Clatterbuck, Nicole Osborn, Alexis, Danielle, Zachary Marsh and Alyssa ,

Fredericksburg, VA.; Gary and Gayanne Crislip, Michael McMillan, Williamstown, WV.; Cheyenne Currey, MD.; Courtney McMillan, Madysin, Maria, and Memphis Stoops, Sheila Brown Perkins and Larry Perkins, Dennis W. Brown, OH; Diana Maxwell and Serena Jones, Clarksburg, WV; Jessica and Nick Wilson.