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The Weekly Shaman

The other evening while channel surfing I caught a show on the vampire like spirit known as the Aswang. Thus, spirit can be a great beauty of a day and a gruesome fiend at night. Of a day it can be a friendly household spirit but at night it will fly about being led by night birds such as owls. It was especially frightening to parent since it preys on children. It’s favorite victims were children who slept in the bed and so children were advised to sleep on the edge. The vampire lady became so bloated and would appear pregnant. At dawn the monstrous lady returns to its human form keeping it’s real identity hidden from its neighbors and  family,. The Aswang is such terrible goblin that if it even  licks someone’s shadow the individual will waste away and die. The paranormal investigators on the show were taking the monster quite seriously.  At one point they even had a video of it.