Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

   The Democratic Party is running for control of our country pretending to care about the people. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez during her convention speech all but quoted communist manifesto from the 1930’s. Free this, free that, guaranteed jobs with “living wages”, free health care. The only way for that to happen is we all work for the government and sacrifice our individuality and FREEDOM.

   The U.S.S.R. failed trying that philosophy. Then she nominated Bernie Sanders.

   It was supposed to be Biden’s night.

   The pandemic:

   The accusations that the pandemic was handled wrong is running rampant by individuals who were lost as to how to handle this pandemic. Top minds were called into advise and recommend a course of action. That was followed by our leaders implementing a plan recommended by the top medical professionals. We followed their recommendations.

    New York governor Cuomo:

   Some “know it all “ governor wrote an executive order requiring the op posite and some 6000 deaths in nursing homes resulted. He took it upon himself the act unintelligently. That was after the virus was proven deadly to senior citizens earlier. The ultimate lie was he was exonerated for that action by a committee of his own choosing.

    I know people who are registered Democrats. They are smart, caring, energetic, industrious people. They work providing for their families.   They strive to better themselves and follow the capitalist way of life.

    I believe we are all the same at this point. Dems, lib, conservative or re  publican, we strive for the same things.

   My problem is the POLITICAL LEADERS. Particularly the democratic leaders. Lying to us, cheating, and sacrificing our security. The pushing of the working class for their own political purposes. A multi million dollar impeachment spanning three years. You and I paid for that bologna.

    I make no apologies for my lack of tolerance for the “elites”.

However I have been known to make fun of these “elites”.

    To the theme of the scarecrow song of the wizard of oz, IF I ONLY HAD A BRAIN.

Trump, the dems are a ridin’ Their best is called Joe Biden,

I wonder where’s their shame.

His memory is a slippin’, and His drool it is a drippin’

God I wish he had a brain.

He chose Harris for his VP, she’s far from being sheepy.

She’s sneaky, and she’s vain.

She’ll hang you even higher based on the words of the liars.

It’s going to be a drain.

Big cities wanting money, the libs just think it’s funny

For The public feels the pain.

Biden’s been a preachin’ what Trump had been a teachin’

And the libs they are insane.

Pelosi called the house back, She wants the vote to be slack

The dems they want the same.

The only way to win this, her ice cream brings her such bliss.

She surely froze her brain.

Schumer gave a short speech, our common sense he would breech.

Pelosi pulls his strings.

Unless she’s there he’s dozen, I think his brain is frozen.

His politics she brings.

   It is a feeble attempt to tolerate the behavior of the political elites.

   I wish to honor the men and women in uniform for providing protection for all of us.

Lloyd Brightwell