Wearing Your Nasal Diaper

Dear Editor

   I tire of writing about the state of affairs. It seems so dark. However on the lighter side some of the events surrounded by the Corona Virus pandemic has brought out ridicule, blame, sarcasm and dedication. Even a certain tolerance through humor.

    I’ve worn glasses since I was 6 years old. The glasses usually rest on the ear and snugly grip the head.

   Conversely the mask loops around the ears pulling the mask snugly covering the face.

   In the beginning of this, we began social distancing, the wearing of masks, taking of taking peoples temperatures on the job sites as a safety precaution. I had an occasion while on a bridge deck inspection the subcontractor safety coordinator was taking the temperature of the employees.

     I had been wearing mask all day and sweating.

   After taking my temperature the safety supervisor asked how I felt. I Isaid, ”my ears are tired.”

    This pandemic has also given me time to think! I figured out the definition of Social Security.   It was designed decades ago to socially distance you from considerable portions of your paycheck throughout your life.

    If an individual can wiggle his or her ears, how would that action move the mask?

    While at the pulmonologist office the other day the receptionist asked how I was.   I said my glasses are steamed up from wearing this nasal diaper.

   If I were to give the nasal diaper a name, it would be DEFENDS.

Depends are for the other parts.

   So, wash your hands, socially distance, resist touching you face and wear your nasal diapers.

    To the men and women in uniform, thank you for being there for us.

Lloyd Brightwell