Superintendent Cheeseman’s Goals Released

 The Doddridge County Board of Education recently met and approved Superintendent Adam Cheeseman’s goals for the 2020-2021 school year.  In releasing the goals Mr. Cheeseman said: “Doddridge County Schools is located at the center of community activities in the county.  My goals reflect the district’s relationship to the community, its citizens, government and businesses.  By coming together, we can make a difference in our students lives and in the lives of our community.”

   GOAL ONE: To promote student achievement by setting high expectations/standards and monitoring instructional activities in schools.

   ACTION STEPS: Develop and Administer a Plan to recoup and recover skills lost due to the COVID-19 school closure at the end of the 2019-2020 academic year.

   Maintain a countywide attendance rate of greater than 90%

   Continue to develop and create a Remote/Distance Learning Plan that provides more opportunities and flexibility for students/families

   Continue developing localized curriculums that create equity and opportunity for all students.

   Continue planning and creating Doddridge County Schools CTE Center’s courses and curriculums.

   GOAL TWO: To enhance community connections and relations between Doddridge County Schools and Community Agencies, Businesses, and the General Citizenry of Doddridge County by cultivating a positive and unified atmosphere.

   ACTION STEPS:   Publish a Monthly Newsletter to the public/Continue utilizing Social Media

   Continue establishing Public/Private partnerships with local businesses and community organizations.

   Continue working jointly with the Doddridge County Commission/EDA/CITYNET Telecommunications to provide consistent Internet access/services for Doddridge County Students.

   Develop and Launch a community-wide “United to Make a Difference” Day

   Provide extra-curricular passes to all students, parents, and county taxpayers.

   GOAL THREE: To prioritize capital expenditures, personnel, and policies so that educational needs are met and fiscal responsibility is maintained.

   ACTION STEPS: Provide Monthly Financial reports to the BOE and General Public.

   Jointly develop an annual budget that best meets the needs of the Doddridge County School System.

   Update and review Certified Lists for Professional and Service Staff

Review Doddridge County Schools Personnel to ensure maximum student support is provided.

   Create/Revise/Abolish organizational policies to enhance the system

   GOAL FOUR:   To continue to upgrade facilities and student support services to develop a more secure, safe, and sustainable school environment.

   ACTION STEPS: Continue to monitor/update the DC Schools 5-year facility plan.

   Continue updating county-wide safety policies and procedures.

   Continue meeting with County Focus Teams to promote a consistent edu  cation plan for Doddridge County Schools.

   Continue meeting with the Superintendent Student Advisory Council to gain insight and input from Doddridge County Students.

   Continue emphasizing a Holistic Child mindset and provide students and staff with Mental Health training and services.