Letter to the Editor

 I hope every American Patriot has had a fantastic Independence Day celebration!   I spent mine with good friends and family.

   Saturday night I was watching Watter’s World and to my amazement when people were asked simple questions of our history, the responses were pathetic.

   One individual was asked “from what country did we declare our independence?”

  His answer was “Virginia”. This guy wasn’t the only one of his age group who could not answer correctly.

    The New York Times has printed a story of the 1619 date of the formation of America. Until 1776 England ruled, not America.

   In 1619 old English was the language of the day. Let’s look at that statement.The language of the day was Old English, with the same speech patterns, same wording of the Declaration of Independence. Today’s dictionary and the dictionaries of those days should be compared. I’m sure the language of that period was simpler. Probably not as twisted as is it is today.

    Bill Clinton one time said,”…it depends on what the definition of “is”, is.”By making that statement did he imply more than one is? Or did he change the meaning? Legal speak uses words as weapons.

   For an example: Treason sounds rather serious. But using the synonyms from a list of synonyms, it could imply sedition, which can imply insubordination, which can imply infringement, which can also imply infraction perhaps even error. Error doesn’t sound as bad as Treason, does it?       

   This trip down the vocabulary lane was through the use of a “Thesaurus” on the web.

   We twist words and meanings as complexing as we wish them to be.

  I believe this is true of the new legal interpretation of the constitution based on the new meanings of the same words today.

   Once upon a time someone deleted 30,000 or more emails. The emails were sent to an assistant’s laptop who gave the laptop to her soon to be ex husband. Government documents were deleted after being emailed to an assist, through a private server and then given to an individual without a security clearance. Sounds criminal! Illegal sound too strong, Criminal sounds too finite. So because of the person’s standing it must have been a mistake. Criminal sounds almost unforgivable and harsh. But a mistake sounds less severe, so much more forgivable.

   I believe this is true of the new legal interpretation of the constitution based on the new meanings of the same words today.

   The wording of the Constitution, using synonyms of the actual words, con be twisted by the anti constitution activist to say anything they wish.

   The B.O.E. of Doddridge County uses words like “schedule” instead of “rate” dictating the amount of tax paid by land owners. Cleaver, isn’t it?  And do not try to correct my terminology. A tax is imposed and must be paid. That is the definition of “Levy” when looked up on the web.

   Then what about the purchasing of additional “Levy” liabilities. Was the purchases voted on by the public in public hearings? I don’t remember reading about any meeting. But I’ll bet my “taxes” will be higher this year, even though there has been no school for last six months.

    Rep. Ilan Omar has twisted Treason into “dismantling” OUR country to suit her agenda. Thus turning our country into the hole she ran from. treason is the act of working against the constitution and the country.

She is Somalian by birth.

If she is dissatisfied here, Send her home. She is worse for America than the rioters.

    Nancy Pelosi is as bad by not taking a stand against the public statue destroying anarchy of recent weeks. She did say, however, “the people are going to be people”. I wonder if her tune would change if “the people” tore down her palace.

    Kimberly Gardner, the District Attorney of ST. Louis, is investigating the actions of the McCloskys for “brandishing firearms” on their own property, defending themselves and their property from armed “protesters” (rioters) who broke down a wrought iron gate and threatened the land owners. The armed “protesters “ have the right to exercise the first amendment by force and mass. But the landowners cannot exercise the second amendment to defend life and property. The McCloskys are attorneys as well. They should know something about the law, the constitution and bill of rights.

   I’m really starting to become more enthralled with this political MBE. And the radical liberals are giving a lot of food for thought.

I wonder how long before these issues come home.

    Just a note to the men and women who wear the police uniforms, Thank You for being there for us.

Lloyd Brightwell