Letter To The Editor

 Have you noticed that current events in this country look a lot like the preludes to “civil wars that eventually led to a toppling of duly-elected leaders in other countries?  

   Here’s how it goes. A “resistance movement” is begun, using a few dissatisfied citizens and a whole bunch of non-citizens and paid protestors.  The media hype the propaganda that certain people are badly treated, that the government is corrupt, that the country’s leader is a “dictator,” or “mentally deranged” or something and he really needs to go.  Before you know it, the whole country is in a frenzy, violence erupts in selected areas, bricks and guns appear out of nowhere, statues are torn down, everybody becomes confused not knowing what is truth and what is fiction.  

   This describes Phase 1 through Phase 4 of tactics outlined in Unconventional Warfare, Pocket Guide, put out by “the United States Army Special Operations Command, Deputy Chief of Staff G3, Sensitive Activities Division G3X, AOOP-SA, Fort Bragg, North Carolina 28310.”

   Well, we believed this only happened in countries that rightly deserved to be given a change of leadership.  It was just a coincidence that these countries were rich in resources like oil, uranium or rare metals.  And, it could never happen here.  After all, it was our CIA and our military who were running these shows.  They wouldn’t turn on us.  Would they?

   Remember the motto—“Ballots, not Bullets”?  In a free country (like we thought we were) we walk civilly into a polling place and vote for the best candidates and that’s how this democratic republic is run.  Only, we’ve noticed—throughout our lifetimes, really—that our votes don’t have a noticeable effect on anything—including the downward spiral of freedom, civility, and following the Constitution.

   Elections have always been part of the “psy-op” to make us believe that the people actually ran the country.  They—let’s just call them the “coup-plotters”—have become more and more brazen in their rigging of these elections.  There is no way for them to hide the fact that nixing photo ID and calling for mail-in voting is an outright effort to steal our country from us.  We are now in Phase 5 of “Unconventional Warfare” which is defined as an “expansion” of everything they’ve been doing in Phases 1 through 4 and that includes election fraud.

   It’s important to make the coup look like an organic, grass-roots movement and the rigged election as an accurate picture of what the people want.  According to recent news drops, the plan for 2020 is to steal the election for the Democrat candidate following months of fake polls telling us that the Democrat is ahead of Trump.  Then, when Trump does not concede (and, they’re assuming he won’t because he knows the election is fraudulent), the “generals” will escort him out of the White House with “great dispatch.”  Whoa!  Does that sound familiar?  It’s a typical part of their Phase 6 modus operandi. 

   It’s important to know that Phase 7 is the final one and includes handing over the government to the chosen “puppet” and writing a new constitution.  So, do you think November 3 is an important date?

   If we still followed the rule of law, the mobocracy and their enablers would be arrested under 18 U.S. Code Chapter 115—Treason, Sedition, and Subversive Activities, particularly § 2385 Advocating overthrow of Government, which specifically includes local governments.  If we demand this “resistance” be brought to an end, we might be able to save our republic. 

Brenda Donnellan

Jane Lew, WV  26378

[email protected]