Dear Editor–Male Bovine Excrement

We are plagued with the verbiage of the elites. Words like “conversation“, “the collective”, “the workers” these words I find offensive. These people have not worked a day in their “collective” lives. They draw a government check and flex their “collective” muscles.

The collective is the hive. The worker bees, referred to by them, is the lessers of the hive. They are the builders, defenders and providers. They provide for the Queen.

   Words used like “conversation”, as in, ”we need to have a conversation about gun control”. A conversation is a string of words strewn together to deflect from a real issue backed by hot air. I give you Schumer or Pelosi.   They have not done a single thing but had many “conversations”. Which is in my estimation, male bovine excrement.

   We are trying to get through this pandemic. Let’s see the verbiage as it should be used.

   First the analysis of the problem. Once realized, a plan was devised based   on the effects of the pandemic on the population. Then the effects on the economy. We were brought in on the prognosis for all concerned.  That is the conversation.

   Next was the actions taken to protect as many of the population as possible. Manufacturers jumped in to provide ventilators, masks, gloves etc. medical ships were deployed to provide additional hospital bed space for the overflow of patients. The public was advised to wear masks, wash hands thoroughly, practice social distancing and keep your hand away from your face. Daily news updates kept us informed.

   That’s conversation, then evaluation, then action with information.

  Where was the conversation when the street in Washington DC was painted to appease the protesters? What happens to asphalt when the street is painted? The paint seals the natural pours of the asphalt allowing water to stand. Paint is slicker that asphalt. Cars and trucks rely on the friction of the asphalt and tires for stopping.

   What made that worse was the addition of individuals painting more messages on the street to “ defund the police”. The City allowed it. The City set the example.

    Who is running the City?

    I have had certifications as a highway construction inspector, certified as a new construction bridge inspector, not a worker.

   I do not see my pharmacist as a worker. Your water treatment plant personnel are certified for their positions, not just workers. So many professionals have been thrown in the “worker” category.

   Our political leaders are less than the average individual because everyday we have to prove ourselves while proving to the elites we know what needs to be done.

   I offer this proof: Mike Bloomberg said he could teach anyone to be a farmer. Dig a hole in the ground, insert a seed, cover with dirt and water. And a plant would grow! Sounds like fertilizer to me, yes male bovine excrement.

    I believe the elites should be proving their worth to you and I.

Lloyd Brightwell