Dear Editor– Elmer

 I wanted to interview Elmer Fudd since the liberals decided to take away his shotgun. How would he defend himself from that wascally wabbit. Huh! Huh! Huh! Huh!

  Bugs had as much chance of making Elmer look less than smart with the shotgun.

   So, instead of the ole’ shotgun what is Elmer’s options?

   The thought of dropping something from above like the coyote tries with the roadrunner has been suggested by the new owner of the characters.

Booby traps are illegal. Aren’t they? So let’s teach that to the next generation.

  Let’s see. How about throwing bricks and rocks? Isn’t that part of our problem today with the riots?

   The radio announcer said the person who bought the rights to the characters said explosives are possible. Are you kidding me? Personally the shotgun doesn’t sound quite as sinister now. I can’t bring myself to see the humor in throwing Molotov Cocktails. Or the possibility of IEDs. Isn’t kind of liberal to the extreme?

    With all that’s happened over the past week that will have to wait.

Look at Seattle Washington, armed radicals took over the City Hall and a precinct of the police department. Who is operating that state and city?  The cowardly lion? I believe that situation can be resolved quickly. In today’s world, turn the power off, turn the communications off, quadrant off the area allowing no one in and when the perps are hungry enough they will come out on their own. With no way to charge the cellphones, no reinforcements can be called. No food can be ordered in. If the buildings are dark from the lack of power, most people would become disoriented, panicky at night. Chaos will set in because of the weakest individuals.

   A request for food donations has been announced because the food supply was taken by the homeless in the area. Sounds like poetic justice.

   The “people” own these buildings. The “representatives” of the “people” should be looking out for the people’s interests. Instead they are sitting on their hands for fear of offending the perp’s sensitivities. According to the news some of the perps are armed.

   If the governor of State of Washington doesn’t make a move this will only empower the next take over. What’s next? Who is next?

    The city of Alexandria Virginia is working toward making the city a “gun free zone”.

   “When guns are outlawed, only the outlaws will have guns”. That will make Alexandria safer.

    Is it headed your way? Where does your governor stand in this debate?  Would he allow the armed thugs take over your city. Will he fight for you.  Good question for the debate stage, isn’t it.

   Elmer, I’m sorry about the interview. We may continue later.

   Currently, there is other problems greater than the issues in Toon Town.

Lloyd Brightwell