Church News

Pleasant Baptist Church Rt. 23 Center Point

Hello everyone. I sure hope everyone is doing o.k. with the virus that is sweeping this country. And that your needs are being met. As some of you know, the church property has been invaded by loggers. So naturally this is not a good situation. The lady that is having it done, lives across the road from the cemetery, and claims she had permission to do this. To use the church driveway and cut right across directly in front of the church house. So unless it was an heir that gave her permission, they had no right to do so. She has promised to fix the mess afterwards, so I will certainly see that she does. So as far as the upcoming cutting season, it will go on as usual I am hoping. I will appreciate any donation you can give. So lets please work together to keep this cemetery looking as best it can. And keep it the same as it’s always been. Thank you so much those who have helped in the past, and do what you can to continue. May God bless and keep each one of you.

Sheryl Williams (Phillips)

693 Childress Rd.

South Charleston, WV 25309