We have all heard about the heroic actions of America’s brave frontline heroes including the doctors, nurses, law enforcement and emergency workers, the grocery workers, and truck drivers.  God bless them for their selfless service.

      Doddridge County has one such truckdriver who went that extra mile when he called his wife, Mary Schrock, on April 13th while on the road somewhere in PA.     Phineas asked his wife how she would feel if he gave up his remaining paid vacation which would expire on April 26th.  He told her that he wanted to continue hauling the much-needed supplies to the many Walmart Stores throughout OH and PA.  He knew he would lose the paid vacation.  He knew it was placing him in more danger every time he got out of that big rig, but felt it was more important to keep the food and supplies moving.

      Phineas Schrock is a very humble man and would not want to shed light on his actions.  However, his heroic decision to keep hauling when he could return to the safety of his home was worth sharing with Doddridge County citizens.

     Phineas lives on Leeson Run which is near Greenwood with his wife, Mary, daughter Rosanna and son-in-law Danny Dixon.  He started working for Marten Transport in April of 1989 at which time the company only had about 600 drivers.  Today there are thousands of trucks traveling all over the United States and Canada.     

      In recognition of this man’s drive and character, I should mention that Phineas was inducted into the Marten Transport Million Mile Club in April of 1998.  Then in 2005, he was inducted into Marten Transport Two Million Mile Club.  Then again in 2016, Phineas was inducted into the prestigious Marten Transport Three Million Mile group, a feat accomplished by only a few of the thousands of Marten Transport drivers. 

     When we see Phineas and the many other truck drivers who have come home after an important run, we might to remember to thank them for staying on the job to ensure we have the food and supplies so important to our well-being while we remain in the safety of our homes.