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Give Local MOV Day of Giving by Friends of Auburn Community Cemetery Inc.

   Friends of Auburn Community Cemetery Inc. (FACC) is a qualified nonprofit organization formed in 2016 to raise support for a designated Fund with the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation. The Organization’s Board of Directors has a 10-year goal of raising a $100,000 fund to help support the long-term care and maintenance of the Cemetery.  To date, the Fund has received donations of nearly $28,000.

   On May 5, FACC Inc. will be one of 55 organizations participating in the 7th annual Give Local MOV, a day of giving sponsored by the Community Foundation.  On this day only, gifts up to a certain level are matched on a dollar-for-dollar basis by the Foundation. In addition, two generous supporters of the Cemetery have pledged $1,000 as a Matching Challenge for all gifts to FACC that, cumulatively, exceed $1,500.  With strong support, we hope to raise $5,000 for the long-term support of the Cemetery.

   Families having loved ones interred in the Cemetery are strongly encouraged to wake up on May 5, go to and make an online donation to Friends of Auburn Community Cemetery Inc.  One of the organizers of FACC Inc., Bob Sommerville, notes that “We’ve all seen many photos of abandoned cemeteries, and we don’t want our loved ones’ grave sites at Auburn Community Cemetery to be covered with briars and vines, and tombstones tilting or lying flat on the ground.  That’s why we need to raise funds for the long-term care and maintenance of the Cemetery.”

   There are several Doddridge County organizations that are also participating in this special one-day fundraising event that also merit your support.

   For more information about Give Local MOV or ways to support the Fund, interested persons can reach Dwight Goff at 304-483-2566 or Shelia Scadden at 304-665-2855. Or visit “Friends of Auburn (WV) Community Cemetery” on Facebook.  With support from families who have ties to the Auburn Community Cemetery, we will be able to provide for the preservation of the Cemetery beyond our lifetimes.