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Change Comes Again to The Herald Record

   As last week ended, we at the Herald Record celebrated another milestone:  the launch of the first digital copy of The Herald Record available on the web.

   It has been a year of change and learning.  The Herald Record moved from production based on cutting and pasting the copy to be printed to production based on digitally preparing the whole paper for print, and then to adding color, and now, to offering it as a digital copy on the web.

   We knew our fearless leader, Virginia Nicholson, had seen the future concerning the set-up of the paper and planned to move to digital preparation. Even through our grief at losing her, we stuck with her plan. 

    Future plans for the paper include continuing the tradition of no-cost meeting announcements, free birth and death notices, free engagement and wedding notices, allowing people to have a voice, and providing our subscribers the best County and State information we can.

    On our new web page, we will post breaking news as soon as received on the health and welfare of our community, e.g., school closings and announcements that are time sensitive.

    Over many years there have been increases in printing and mailing costs.  As a result, we find we have to increase the price and will be raising The Herald Record’s newsstand price to $0.60 a copy.  Digital copy will be $38.40 per year.  Printed and mailed copies will be $40.00 per year.  We are now able to accept credit cards.  

    Our hours are: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 9:00AM to 4:00PM and closed Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

    Deadlines are: Hard Copy – Noon on Friday; Digital 10:00AM on Monday.

    We would like to thank our readers who have made suggestions, given us words of encouragement, and have been very supportive through this past year! Visit The Herald Record at: http://www.theheraldrecord

Tammy and Bob Beamer