News from the House

someone who has been found guilty of a crime to have an expungement processed.”
Senate Bill 219: This bill clarifies the elements of a crime’ It provides definitions for individuals engaged in the illegal use of controlled substances and seeking medical assistance. A person is guilty of a felony and shall be imprisoned for one to five years if:
·The person is in the physical presence of another engaged in illegal drug use
·Where the other suffers an overdose
·And the person fails to seek medical attention by contacting 911 or any first responder.
Senate Bill 171: This bill does the following:
·Prohibits county commissions from adopting ordinances or rules regarding agriculture operations.
·Revokes any current ordinance or rule regarding agriculture operations.
· Requires an at-large member of county enforcement agencies to have a background in or knowledge of agriculture operations
HB 4002: This bill was advanced from the Committee on Seniors, Children and Family Issues. A person who works at least 20 hours per week in a licensed childcare center or a certified childcare family home will be eligible for a subsidy from the Department of Human Services.
“We are committed to ensuring the passage of meaningful legislation to address the critical needs of our community, particularly in the realm of childcare,” said Delegate Kathie Hess Crouse, R-Putnam, and lead sponsor of HB4002. “We are taking a collaborative approach to this as we navigate the legislative process, and I’m optimistic the outcomes will enhance the wellbeing of children and families throughout the state.”
This bill is now in House Finance.
HB 5056: This bill increases the amount paid to guardians ad litem from $60 to $105 per hour form out of court work such as interviews with witnesses and clients, traveling and research. The pay for in court work increases from $80 to $125. This bill also clarifies educational requirements for these attorneys.
HB 5337: This bill passed the house unanimously on Friday. And does the following:
·Creates the Legislative Over site Committee of the Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation
· Permits the committee to request records of DCR
· Review internal investigations
· And go into executive session
Lead sponsor Delegate David Kelly, R-Tyler, who also serves as the chairman of the House Committee on Jails and Prisons, considers it an additional approach to improving the culture of corrections throughout the state.
“We’ve been saying for some time that the issues we’ve discovered in corrections would take more than just a cash infusion and more than just a reshuffling of personnel and leaders,” Kelly said. “We’re hopeful that with an inspector general minding the top levels and this magnifying glass on the lower ones, we can continue to gain confidence in the hard work taking place throughout our jails and prisons.”