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The Weekly Shaman

Probably one of the most famous characters in Greek mythology is the horrible one-eyed man-eating monster the Cyclops. Cyclopes Polyphemus was one of a group of one-eyed giants who worked as shepherds on a small island. Said to be the son of the sea god Poseidon who had a personal grudge against Odysseus. Poseidon steered Odysseus to the island of the Cyclopes where they became stranded. While there Odysseus and hi men discovered the cave of Polyphemus the Cyclopes. The Cyclopes kept a large stone as the doorway of his cave where he kept his sheep and his cheese. Not knowing this Odysseus and his crew made themselves welcome to the Cyclopes provisions. When the one-eyed monster discovered the intruders, he snatched up several of Odysseus men, killing them and then eating them. He placed the stone over the door trapping Odysseus and his men. So, Odysseus made wine from grapes and got Polyphemus drunk. While the drunken monster slept Odysseus and his men crafted a huge wooden stake which they used to blind the Cyclopes. Even though the outraged and blinded monster could no longer capture Odysseus and his men they were still trapped in the Cyclopes’ cave. When Polyphemus let his sheep herd out for their daily grazing Odysseus figured a way out. Odysseus figured the best way out was for his crew and himself would be to hide under the bellies of the monster’s sheep. When the Cyclopes felt the backs of the sheep, he found no one riding them. Thus, Odysseus and hi men escaped the clutches of the gruesome monster. In earlier myths the Cyclopes were metal workers who forged thunder bolts for Zeus to cast down from heaven. They also forged the trident for Poseidon and helmet with invisibility for Hades. And so, it goes.