Historically Speaking

Historically Speaking

At the D.C. Historical Society booth, the Historical Society featured a Doddridge History Display that was well received by all who stopped in for a visit. Featured at the booth were several items of interest to history buffs, including a muzzleloader rifle that was said to have been used by a militiaman during the Civil War. We learned from a Civil War Reenactor that the rifle had been modified from a flintlock to a percussion cap at some point. We were grateful for his knowledge and willingness to explain the particulars of the change and how he knew this. There was also a Militia Sword on display that would have been the type and size

that Ephraim Bee would have used.  

There were several pieces of E Clampus Vitus memorabilia, a Clamper flag, and several photographs of the West Union as it looked more than one hundred years ago.  

Doddridge County Historical Society’s booth drew the attention of nearly everyone who passed by it.

The Historical Society received many compliments on our history booth, which was encased with antique split rails that were over one hundred and forty years old, as well as our great American flag which proudly flew for all to see.  Our thanks go out to all of those who noticed.  We are very grateful for their kind words.  It makes our many hours of volunteer work worthwhile.

God Bless

Patricia Richards Harris, President

Doddridge County Historical Society