Commission Meeting 

July 18, 2023 Commission Meeting 

On July 18 2023 at 4:02 PM, Shawn Glaspell, President  of the Doddridge County Commission called their regular meeting to order. 

The Commissioners approved the minutes from their previous meeting. 

Under Public Comment, Heather Amos spoke to the Commission concerning the wood ticks and the state workers who have come to the schools and the park to survey the area for ticks. None were found but they will be back towards fall to survey the same area again. ‘

She also noted that she had hired a new Nurse at the Health Department. 

Jim Musgrave spoke to the Commission concerning the privacy fence that is to be place between his property and the new annex tract. He gave to Commission a drawing of what he feels would be best for the area. The Commission took his information under advisement.   

Skyler Wotring, Director of Transparency and Over-site for Auditor J.D. McCuskey  — Project Mountaineer was next on the agenda but due to vehicle problems was not present. This agenda item was tabled until a future date. 

Henry Ahouse was appointed as a Director of the Solid Waste Authority expiring June 30, 2027.

In the absence of George Eidel, Glaspell read the two floodplain permit that are outstanding.:# 23-633 was for the Mountain Valley Gas Line Renewal Permit and #23-634 was to replace the support of a bridge. 

There was no OES Report. 

Neal Romain of the DCAA reported the bank balance of $396,704.82 with income of $22,925.48.

John Jacenkiw and Jada Stout of Community Corrections reported to the Commission concerning plans, grants and the progress being made at the DCCC. 

Under Budget Revisions, the Commission reported a carryover in the Fund Balance Account of $8,372,717.00 to:

*Account # 698—Transfers:

Broadband 173,735.00

Simulcast   56,080.00

Water Projects 1,091,513.00 


*Account # 986  — County Commission Capital Projects Land $500,000.

*Account  #987 —  Courthouse – Capital Projects : to Courthouse Improvements — $1,900,672

*Account # 988 – Other Buildings Capital Projects to Annex – 3,870,771.00 and Improvements 779,946.00 totaling 4,650,717.00 for a total budget transfers of $8,372717.00

There were 22 exonerations and no probates.

The meeting was adjoured.