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Combined Cycle Natural Gas Power Station with Carbon Capture Hosting Information Session in Doddridge County

Combined Cycle Natural Gas Power Station with Carbon Capture Hosting Information Session in Doddridge County

WEST UNION, W.V. – Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) is hosting an information session at Doddridge County High School regarding its proposed 2,060 MW combined-cycle natural gas power station utilizing carbon capture and storage.  The information session will take place July 20th from 5:30 to 7:00pm.

Last year, both the Doddridge County Commission and the Doddridge County Board of Education unanimously approved agreements for the proposed power plant, known as the CPV Shay Energy Center.  

“CPV is pleased to work closely with Doddridge County to bring this project to fruition in the coming years,” said Luke Sterner, Lead Project Manager for CPV. “Deploying low carbon, dispatchable generation will be critical to maintaining reliability during the energy transition.” 

Following permitting and construction, the project plans to go into operation later this decade. The project was made possible by the new federal Inflation Reduction Act that expanded the federal tax credit for carbon capture, as well as state legislation passed by the West Virginia Legislature and signed into law.

“CPV believes that active community outreach is at the center of every great energy project,” explained Matt Litchfield, Director of External and Regulatory Affairs for CPV.  “This is why we go beyond what is required to ensure that we are a good neighbor and meaningfully contribute to the community through involvement, charitable giving, and volunteer opportunities.”

CPV Shay will have numerous team members on hand to help the community understand the various parts of the project and its benefits and impacts on the local and regional levels.

Nationwide, large technology and industrial customers have made pledges to lower their environmental footprint, which often includes the sources of energy they rely on for their operations. A low carbon baseload energy source in West Virginia will be an asset to the state’s existing manufacturing and industrial companies, while also attracting future investments and bolstering the reliability and fuel diversity of state’s power generation.

About CPV

CPV Group LP, a partnership majority owned by OPC Energy Ltd., has over two decades of unprecedented success in the development and operation of highly efficient and low emitting electric generation and renewable projects in the United States.  CPV is focused on applying its development, financial and project management expertise to advance the next generation of technologies, including an extensive renewable pipeline, and dispatchable power projects that will utilize carbon capture technology, to yield extremely low carbon power that will help drive the nation’s decarbonization goals forward.

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Matt Litchfield

Director of External and Regulatory Affairs

Competitive Power Ventures

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