Agriculture & Forestry Hall of Fame Recognises James “Jim” Foster for Outstanding Contributions in Forestry

The WV Forestry Hall of Fame Foundation has announced that  on July 22, 2023 they will induct James “Jim” Foster as one of their eight Enshrinees for 2023.  

The announcement stated:  “ His Service in the US Air Force brought him to the State as a young man, and in time , he chose a farm in the hills of Doddridge County. Jim has dedicated himself to becoming a leader in agriculture through such organizations as the Doddridge County Farm Bureau, WV Extension Service, the West Fork Conservation District, and the Farm Service Agency. He was named the 2006 Grassland Farmer of the year, 2006 Conservation supervisor of the year and 1003 National Grange of the Year” 

Congratulations and Thank-you to Mr. Fostor for his dedication and service.