25 Years of Energy Express

West Virginia University’s award-winning, summer program Energy Express is celebrating its’ 25th year in Doddridge County. In Doddridge County alone, Energy Express has fed hundreds of children, created jobs for over a hundred college students, and given a place for volunteers to belong. Energy Express ensures that children in West Virginia can receive two free nutritious meals a day during their summer break. They also take part in activities that incorporate reading, art, STEM, and plenty of other summer fun! 

This summer, our team consists of Lacey Shepherd, Jackson Holden, Abby Ash, Jocelyn Atkinson, and Drew Ash. They have been working hard to make sure that the children of Doddridge County have a fun filled summer! We would also like to thank WVU Doddridge County Extension Office, Doddridge BOE, CEO‘s and everyone who helps make this program possible. If you would like to learn more about Energy Express, and like to see some of our student’s work, we are on Facebook: