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Third Judicial Circuit to Change

Third Judicial Circuit to Change

During the past year’s Legislative Session, House Bill      51-2-1 was passed on March  11th, 2023,  and became law 90 days after it’s approval. 

This new law affects the Court system with the division of Circuits  and placement of Judges in the State. 

Doddridge County was part of the 3rd Judicial Circuit with Timothy Sweeny being the only Judge in the Circuit, which also included Ritchie and Pleasant Counties. 

The change that has been made is effective on January 1st, 2025 and will add Wirt County as a part of the 3rd Circuit and also add a second Judge to it. 

The new Judge will be placed on the 2024 Ballot and both Judges will not be allowed to be residents of the same County. 

It is unclear as to what Courthouse will house the new Judge and their employees or how the decision will affect each of the Courthouses.