Currydale CEOS Club

Currydale CEOS Club

July 6, 2023

Currydale Continuing Education Outreach Service Club held its regular monthly meeting at the WVU Extension Office in West Union on July 6, 2023.

The meeting was called to order by President Debbie Crislip at 10:15 A.M. The pledge was recited and a poem. “I’m Still Your Mom” was read by Debbie Crislip. Dian Curry read “What Heroes Give.” Minutes from the last meeting were accepted as read. The treasurer’s report was given, and pennies were collected for NVON.

Continuing education representative, Debbie Crislip reminded members to please donate soda taps, greeting cards, paper towel rolls and other items that can be recycled by students and others. 

The family committee chairman, Ann Davis, asked that members try to bring in backpacks and school related items as school will soon be starting again. 

Ann Davis, our health motivator, talked about “Picnics in July” and related hints to keep food safe in the heat of summer. The monthly challenge was to plan a picnic with someone special. 

At the behest of Debbie Crislip, several members of the club participated in The Chicken Dance. You would have to have seen it to believe it. 

The lesson titled “Teaching Appalachian Cooking to Children” was presented by Ann Davis. Ann distributed literature with old-time recipes and the history of Appalachian food The members discussed grinding cornmeal, hogs free ranging in the woods, gingerbread, hominy, apple butter and other food prep ideas of the past. Some members jotted down Patsy Robey’s biscuit recipe hoping to try it soon. Perhaps we will see some of those delicious biscuits at the fair. 

New Business – The members talked about the county CEOS meeting to be held July 11th at the Doddridge County Park. Patsy Robey brought up the idea of replacing the high school band’s concession at the fair. There was no motion to do so. It was suggested that members bring canned food to the next meeting to be placed in blessing boxes. No motion was made so participation is left to each member’s discretion.

County council meeting, which is covered dish, will be July 11th at 10:00 a.m. It will be held at the Doddridge County Park.

The president for each club is to be elected and the name submitted to the extension office by August 15th. 

The July Stitching Day will be held on July 26th at the Extension Office in West Union. 

 Prayer requests were made for – Wanda Fultz, Chris Moats, James Kemper, Abby rough, Dian and Bob Curry, Ann Davis, and Renee Baily. 

Members present were – Patsy Robey, Joyce Nicholson Janet Parks, Sharon Smith, Debbie Crislip, Ann Davis, Dian Curry, Wanda Fultz, and Kayla McKinney.  Nine Members present.

20 Books read, 80 volunteer hours logged. 

Announcements – August 1st – 3rd the FFA Livestock show, and sale will be held at the Doddridge County Park 4H Barn. 

Please check with the extension office to obtain a complete list of items that may be entered as fair exhibits. 

Joyce Nicholson made a motion to adjourn. Wanda Fultz seconded the motion, Motion passed. The meeting was adjourned at 11:45 a.m. Club members then met at The Fairview for fellowship and food. 

Sharon S. Smith, Interim Secretary