Commission Holds First Meeting of 2023 Fiscal Year

The Doddridge County Commission President Shawn Glaspell called the first meeting of the 2023 Fiscal Year on July 6, 2023, at 4:01 pm. This meeting date was changed from July 4th to July 6th ,2023 due the Holiday. 

The previous meeting minutes were approved as presented. 

Heather Amos from the DC Health Department spoke briefly concerning the wood ticks carrying Lyme’s Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. She presented tick pullers to those in attendance and noted that on Family Day at the Park, they had handed out around 200 tick pullers. 

Th Commission approved to donate up to $15,900 to the McClellan Volunteer Fire Department for gear and needed items. Discussion concerning the need for volunteers, the classes which are required to be a Fireman and the costs associated with the classes was held. 

The Commissioners approved the Authorizing of Oaths of the 2023  Real and Personal Tax Books. 

Betsy Coffey, Prosecuting Attorney,, advised the Commission that the Prosecuting Attorney’s office had taken on water damage over the holiday  from what seems to be a broken air conditioner condense tray and will need repairs. David King, CoW, was in the process of itemizing the damage for the repairs.

While Ms. Coffey had the floor she spoke very briefly  to the fact that Doddridge County was to have an additional Judge assigned  to them and remind the Commissioners that additional space may be needed for this person and their staff. 

This topic was not part of the agenda and nor was it expanded upon. 

The Commission authorized the DCAA to set up a savings account for the funds received from the sale of ambulance and other carry over funds. These funds are to be used in the future to purchase new units. 

The Commission approved to renew the policy from the WV Corp Risk Pool FY 2023 and 2024.

Change orders numbers 22,26,27,29,and 30 in the total amount of $20,861.39 were approved for the new annex. 

Floodplain Permit Number 23-632 Greenbrier Road, was presented to the Commission by George Eidel, Floodplain Manager. 

Eidel presented  the Emergency Run totals as OEMS Director and reported that there had been a structure fire on July 4th and that he had responded to a report of the dumping of dirt in the floodplain which ended up not to be in the floodplain. 

The DCAA reported they have $374,491.21 in their account and $35,541.08 as income for the month. 

Mr. Romain from the DCAA announced they will be holding a family day at the park on July 25, 2023. 

He also reported that the box ambulance had sold for $36,600. 

John Jacenkiw gave the Community Corrections Report for the month, noting they had added 58 new clients, updated their facebook page, and they had set up a new computer program that will assist the case managers with their work load. 

He noted that Jada Stout had been working on the transportation problem in the area. 

There were three probates, two exonerations and one budget revision where they took the budget money and carryover from Coal Severance and moved it to the regular budget.

The meeting was adjourned @ 5:15PM.