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Doddridge County Floodplain Permits

Doddridge County Floodplain Permits

(Week of June 26, 2023)

      Please take notice that on the (21st) of (June), 2023, (Antero Midstreams) filed an application for a Floodplain Permit (#23-632) to develop land located at or about (5400 Greenbrier Road); Coordinates: 39.245604, – 80.598032 The Application is on file with the Floodplain Manager of the County and may be inspected or copied during regular business hours in accordance with WV Code Chapter 29B Freedom of Information, Article 1 Public Records and county policy and procedures. Any interested persons who desire to comment shall present the same in writing by (July 25th , 2023) (20 calendar days after the announcement at the regularly scheduled Doddridge County Commission Meeting) delivered to the Floodplain Manager of the County at 105 Court Street, Suite #3, West Union, WV 26456. This project ifor the Perkins Bypass LP Pipeline.

George Eidel,CFM, OEM 

Doddridge County Floodplain Manager