Historically Speaking

Historically Speaking

I want to take this time to acknowledge the greatest sacrifice our young soldiers could make, their very lives. There are no words strong enough, no thank you great enough, and no expression sincere enough to cover the debt we owe these young men and women who did just that. So, I won’t insult their memory by trying.
I hope we’ll see you on Monday, May 29th at the Doddridge County Wall of Honor on the Courthouse front lawn as the VFW Post 3408 honors our fallen heroes as they do so beautifully each year. After the ceremony, please join everyone at the VFW Hall for a dinner in honor of this important day.
If you listen carefully after the ceremony, you should hear the sound of church bells ringing to the rhythm of the 21-Gun Salute throughout the county, state, and nation. While you are at it, there is still time to spread the word to your local churches, courthouses, emergency services, or fire departments. These men and women are amazingly talented. They’ll find a way to make the sounds heard in your community. The D.C. Historical Society has an electronic digital copy of a beautiful church bell ringing that we would be happy to share with anyone wishing to participate. Just contact me at 304 873-1540. I’d be happy to email you a digital copy.
On this special day, I want to acknowledge the names of those soldiers who were killed in action (KIA), died of battle wounds (DOW), died of disease (DOD), and died of non-battle causes, such as accident, or freezing to death and more (DNB):


Eighty-one young souls who were taken way too soon.

God Bless 

Patricia Richards Harris