Commission’s May 16, 2023 Meeting

Commission’s May 16, 2023 Meeting

After holding a moment of silence and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, Shawn Glaspell, President of the Doddridge County Commission called the May 16, 2023 meeting to order at 3:39PM. 

The minutes from a previous meeting were approved as presented. 

There were no requests from the public to speak under Public Comments. 

Vivian Parsons from the Community Risk Pool updated the Commission concerning their insurance through the Risk Pool. The Risk Pool is a group of 50 of the 55 Counties who  have joined together to provide various insurances, to include liability, workers comp, building and property insurances, allowing the participating Counties, communities and different governmental agencies to purchase the insurances at a lower cost.

She reminded the Commissioners that they have the option now to access their insurance through the web site for claims and reports as well as real time up dating of their various policies.

The report for Spot Spraying for Weed Control on the Middle Island Creek  to be made by Robert Samples was tabled until Samples can speak with WV DNR. 

The Sheriffs Tax Office’s request to create a “Certified to the State” as a Special Revenue Fund, was approved by the Commission then the Sheriff was approved to open an interest bearing account and set user access for the said account. 

The Lease to Antero Resources Corporation Oil and Gas was tabled.

In George Eidel’s absence, Glaspell noted there were two Floodplain Permits presented by the Floodplain Office. #23-629 Berkshire Hathaway (Pipeline Right of  Way — See various entry on list) and # 23-630 —  Big Battle Mobile Home set-up.

There was no OEMS Report given. 

The DCAA reported the balance of $374,441.67 in their account with May’s to date income being $23,301.65. Neal Romain also reported they would be holding monthly CPR classes in the near future. 

Under Clerk of the Works David King reported: they were working of replacing the hand rails on the Musgrave property; he had  visited the Museum and can confirm that three of the 10 heating/air conditioners were broken, the sewage line needs repaired and he did not see any water leaks. 

They hope to start the brick laying on the front soon and they are up to date pouring the concrete. The power is on , the caps on the one wall is completed, he is checking on snow melt for the back steps, and the furniture is in storage in Parkersburg. 

The old High School tear down should begin next week. 

There were no exonerations. 

There was one In County Budget Revision for the Clerk’s Office of $1,900 from the Record Room Budget  to Treasurer’s Supplies and one Out of County Revision of $7,000 from the Commissioner’s Budget to Election Fees.

The June 20, 2023 meeting was moved to June 22, 2023 due to the 20th being West Virginia Day. 

After a brief report from John Jacenkiw, Director of Community Corrections at 4:40PM, the Commission went into Executive Session to discuss hiring of Jada Stout for Community Corrections. After discussion, they returned to regular session and voted to approve hiring Jada Stout for Community Corrections.