Rain, Wind and Fire 

Rain, Wind and Fire 

Catches Citizens Unaware 

(More of the same predicted for the upcoming weekend!)

Beginning on the March 22nd, the weather seemed to be perfect for a day of  cleaning up the yard and burning some of the left over debris from winter…. Except for that pesky wind that built through the day into evening causing brush fires across the County. 

At the last count, the County’s VOLUNTEER firemen had responded to five brush fires (new or rekindled) by midnight. 

The rains came with an approaching storm from the west and Friday we watched the creeks raise (but not flood) and then the stronger wind gusts on Saturday caused trees to fall, which led to a big part of the County, North West and South eastern sections) being without power causing new brush fires in various areas of the County.

Mon Power had sent emails out to their customers warning of falling trees and downed power lines, so people could prepare.  

Late Sunday afternoon, after things calmed down, Mon Power’s web page indicated there were 574 customers without power, and reporting that it would take until Tuesday for all of the repairs to be made. 

John Hatfield from the Ritchie Doddridge County Central 911 Dispatch was called and he gave me a quick count of storm realted calls — 8 brush fres, 8 power lines down and around 20 roadway obstructions. 

Interesting enough, the Clerk of the Works, David King, at the DC Courthouse was called out about midnight on Saturday evening due to the lights in the Courthouse strobing. 

Monday, the 27th, rolled around and due to the power outages, the Doddridge County Schools as well as the Doddridge County Courthouse were closed.

The National Weather Service has issued about the same weather watch for the upcoming weekend, so batten down the hatches and be prepared. 

Mon Power’s Outage Map