Travis Goes Before Judge Bedell

Travis Goes Before Judge Bedell

On July 11, 2022, the Doddridge County Grand Jury signed a True Bill indicting Ronald Lee Travis of (Count 1) Embezzlement, a Felony, a violation of W. Va. Code 61-3-20 and (Count 2), Fraudulent Schemes, a Felony, violating W.Va. Code 61-3-24d. (Being indicted does not mean that guilt is certain.) 

Both Counts stemmed from the accusation that Travis had embezzled $1,270.94 from NAPA Auto Parts, his place of employment. 

The case was heard by the Honorable Judge Thomas Bedell and brought before him by Michael Parker, Special Prosecutor on December 22, 2022. 

When at that time a Plea Agreement was entered by William C. Forbes, Travis’  Attorney, where Travis would plead guilty to the felony offense of  Embezzlement  with the possible penalty  imprisonment in the penitentiary of not less than one year(1) nor more than ten (10 ) or at the discretion of the Court, in jail for not more than one (1) year and a fine of two thousand five hundred dollars  ($2,500) and Count 2 would be dismissed, with prejudice.

The Plea also gives the right to Travis to correct factual mistakes and had the right to argue sentencing. 

Travis agreed to pay the remaining restitution, noting part of it has been paid and also agreed to pay the costs incurred with the charges that had been brought. 

The Plea Agreement also agrees that if any of the parties fail to meet the terms that the charges can be reverted back to as if the agreement did not take place. 

By the document titled: ORDER FOLLOWING ENTRY OF PLEA AND TAKING PLEA UNDER ADVISEMENT/ORDER DIRECTING PRESENTENCE INVESTIGATION AND HOME INCARCERATION INVESTIGATION/ORDER DISMISSING COUNT TWO OF INDICTMENT, it restated the Plea, ordered various investigations, ordered certain parts of the records to be sealed, and gave him notification of his rights to a Jury Hearing.

Further into this eight page document, the Judge Ordered the written Plea to Count One  entered and it was made a part of the record in the case. 

Then the Court indicated that a motion for *deferred adjudication was anticipated and TOOK UNDER ADVISEMENT the guilty plea. 

The sentencing hearing is now set for February 10, at 11AM. 


(a) Upon the entry of a guilty plea to a felony or misdemeanor before a circuit or magistrate court of this state entered in compliance with the provisions of Rule 11 of the West Virginia Rules of Criminal Procedure or Rule 10 of the West Virginia Rules of Criminal Procedure for Magistrate Courts and applicable judicial decisions, the court may, upon motion, defer acceptance of the guilty plea and defer further adjudication thereon and release the defendant upon such terms and conditions as the court deems just and necessary. Terms and conditions may include, but are not limited to, periods of incarceration, drug and alcohol treatment, counseling and participation in programs offered under et seq., et seq., and et seq. of this code.

(b) If the offense to which the plea of guilty is entered is a felony, the circuit court may defer adjudication for a period not to exceed three years. If the offense to which the plea of guilty is entered is a misdemeanor, the court may defer adjudication for a period not to exceed two years.