Commission Holds Regular Meeting

Commission Holds Regular Meeting

On Tuesday, November 15, 2022, after holding a moment of silence and Reciting the Pledge, Shawn Glaspell, President of the Doddridge County Commission called the Commission Meeting to order at 4:01 PM. 

The Commissioners approved the meeting minutes from the past meeting, without changes. 

Catee Slater, County Clerk, presented Britanie Trent as a new hire for the Clerk’s Office, to the Commission which was approved unanimously.

A written request from Jennifer Wilt to designate the DCEDA as the Lead for Economic Development Authority for Year 23/24 was presented. Her request was approved. 

The Commission approved the FY 2022 Justice Assistant Grant (JAG)in the amount of $33,750 .This grant provides part of the funding for the Officers in the Schools.

They went ahead to approve the GST Sonic Wall contract renewal for a three year period at the cost of ~$4902.73. The GST Sonic Wall program is a program which protects the Courthouse and Sheriff’s Office’s computers from being hacked.

They considered the bid offered by Slicks’ for snow removal at $195 per round. While reviewing the bid, they noticed that some of the property included in last year’s bids had been left off. This item was tabled until their next meeting to clear this issue up. 

David King, Clerk of the Works opened four bids for the demolition of the old High School. The Commission approved the lowest bid of $242,988 with the reservation that all of the requirements were met concerning the demolition. The other bidders that bid on the job included: Empire, Enviro Clean and SafeCo.

The Commissioners approved the consolidation of land request after insuring the Assessor was aware of this request and had given prior approval. 

Kortni Sandridge , Mayor of the Town of West Union requested the Commission donate a total of $150,000 to match a $750,000 grant that the Town could be awarded for sidewalks in the residential area of Town. This Grant was applied for many years ago and approved. The agency awarding the grant had recently been in contact with her and informed her of the grant. Due to the financial constraints that the Town is under, they do not have the funds for the matching portion. Glaspell question what the funding will cover, noting there could be older water lines under the sidewalks which should be replaced before the new sidewalks were constructed to prevent having to dig up the new sidewalks in the event of a leak. This item of business was tabled until the Commission’s next meeting to confirm what the construction would include. 

The approval of FY 2021—2022 Financial Statement was tabled. 

There were no Flood Plain Permit Applications and no OEMS Report given.

Neal Romain from the DCAA reported the DCAA’s Balance was $354,091.66 and income for the month of November was $23,099.90.

David King, COW reported: The New Annex is to have the roofing started the next day along with the Bricks; they’re working on  getting the parking lot to grade, the curbs will be installed once the parking area is surfaced and they are estimating the Annex to be completed at the end of March. 

There was one budget revision and two exonerations that were approved and no Probates presented. 

The Commission was asked at the end of the meeting when Citi-net would be up and running. The Commissioners answered the lines around Crystal Lake, Rt . 23 and Flint were installed but the Commissioners were unsure of the dates they would be completed.