WAMSB Request Funds From 


The Doddridge County Commission met on July 26, 2022 at 4PM in the DC Courtroom. 

After holding a brief moment of silence and Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, Shawn Glaspell, President called the meeting to order.  All members were present. 

The minutes to the past meeting were approved as presented. 

There were no Public Comments. 

Randy Sanders from the World Association of Marching Bands spoke to the Commission concerning the WAMSB 2023 Championship Presentation that is to take place in Buckhannon, WV July 17th through 23rd, 2023 and requested funding in the amount of $10,000 to support this event.

He stated there is to be 54 bands from 24 countries with an estimated 5,000 spectators who will need places to stay and eat bringing businesses to the area. There are plans to offer tours of the area to the participants. 

The Commissioners tabled this request. 

The Commissioners approved the contract with Armstrong for the Annex phone system.

They also approved the Depository Collateral Bonds for the West Union Bank and Summit Bank. 

The Doddridge County Public Library requested the re-appointment of Larry Higgins to the Doddridge County Library Board. Their request was approved. 

Nelson Bruffy Jr. requested to consolidate his lands for tax purposes. His request was approved. 

The Spay and Neuter vouchers from Audubon Animal Clinic were approved for the  Animal Control Officer’s use. 

Neal Romain, DCAA requested permission to sell off two of the older ambulances, 608 and 611,  through Auction on His request was approved.

Romain then reported the bank balance of $426,540.78 and income of $43,887.72.

The Commissioners and Romain then went into discussion concerning a request for Ritchie Regional Medical Center concerning the need for transportation of citizens who may not have other means of transport from Drs. Appointments and the hospital. 

Meeting attendees questioned why it was felt this was a necessary service since medicaid provides vouchers and the VA also pays people to transport others. 

This issue was tabled until the next meeting. 

David King (CoW), requested the Commission to take bids for the furniture for the new annex. His request was approved. 

He went on to report that 22 trucks of gravel had been delivered, the side walk and fire hydrant had been removed, and the framing is underway. 

He also reported the Health Department is narrowing down the design for their new building. 

There was no Floodplain Reports nor OES Reports given.

There were two budget revisions , which moved the left over money for the ongoing projects to this year’s budget. 

There were eleven Exoneration and 11 Estate Matters approved.