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Doddridge County Candidate Filings

With the 2022 Primary Election scheduled for May 10, 2022, those who have filed at this time for Candidacy include the following:

County Commission (Open Districts Oak and Beach): Jerry Braun and Shawn Glaspell

County Clerk:
Lorena “Cattee” Slater

Circuit Clerk:
Michelle Britton

Magistrate (Unexpired Term): Brenda Underwood

DC Board of Education (Nonpartisan) Open Districts — (Oak, Beech and Pine):

Denver Burnside
Conservation District Supervisor (Nonpartisan):

Jim Foster
Republican County Executive Committee (Male and Female Each District):
Ezra Richards (Beech)

Ardice Richards (Beech) Donald Henrey (Oak) Charlotte J Henrey (Oak)

Democrat Executive Committee: Cindy Welch (?)

The Offices of the County Clerk will be open on January 29th, 2022, the last day to file, from 8:30AM to Noon. If you choose to mail your Candidacy papers to the Courthouse, you may do so on the 29th as long as they are stamp by midnight.