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Doddridge County Commission, Town of West Union and DC PSD Discuss Future Water Expansion Plans

The Doddridge county Commission held their end of the year meeting on December 21, 2021 in the Commission Meeting Room. 

After reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and holding a silent prayer Commission President Shawn Glaspell called the meeting to order at 4:04PM. . 

The Commissioners approved minutes from a past meeting. 

The Commissioners spoke under Public Comments about the situation in the Nation and thanking those who have worked over the past year and wished all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

The Commission approved February 1 (5PM), 4, 9, 14, 17 (2PM) 23 and 28 at 4PM (unless otherwise noted) for the for the dates of the 2022 Board of Equalization and Review meetings. 

They also approved the release and re-pledge Securities at the West Union Bank. 

Kortni Sandridge and James Musgrave, Mayor and Town Council Members for West Union indicated that the Town of West Union was planning to take on the Oxford water project, that existing concerns had been worked out. 

They went on to discuss the water and sewer for the new hotel on Smithton Rd with the Commissioners encouraging the Town to move forward with this project also. 

The Commission approved the Authorization of 2019 Emergency Management Performance Grant Award in the amount of  $24, 800. 

Revise Website Services, where the old County web page had been located was canceled by the Commission. 

George Eidel, OEMS Director reported he had been attending the weekly meeting with the State via Zoom; has attended the FEMA meeting online; a 1st responder was hurt due to slick roads and cars traveling too fast; Structure Fire that was a total loss on Cheuvront Ave.; Decon Shelter had been ordered. 

As Floodplain Manager, he reported there were no new floodplain permits. 

Neal Romain for the DCAA reported $419,829.06 balance in the Primary Checking Account and $50,090.50  income for the month of December. 

David King, CoW reported: Lights in the tower were not working correctly; alot of the dirt pile is gone; The ANNEX –compactor testing would be taking place soon; they are 2 rows from the cap block; Panels are going up for the walls; they builders are discussing the security system; the electricians will be running the cables for the data and power and when asked King indicated the bid award was for 15 months and they should be done by spring. 

Discussion was held concerning the furniture that will be needed, with King indicating that he had a list from each elected official and the Commissioners discussing that an additional %+$5000 be given to each department. 

There was one State Budget Revision moving from the Commissioners Account to the state wide internet service who had under billed that caused a $20,000 underpayment. 

There was a $500 in house budget revision moving funds from one line to another.

There were no exonerations, and no probates presented.  

The Commissioners adjourned the meeting at 4:40PM.