The number of cases of covid19 in Doddridge County is increasing at a high rate, one not seen here in the past.   

Unfortunately, unlike last year, Covid Testing Clinics are not being held in County on frequent basis with the result, for example, that if a person becomes ill on a Thursday and has no transportation to go out of Doddridge for a test, they will wait seven days before they can be tested and then wait for up to three days for test results (a total of ten days!).   

“Based on existing literature, the incubation period (the time from exposure to development of symptoms) of SARS-CoV-2 and other coronaviruses (e.g., MERS-CoV, SARS-CoV) ranges from 2–14 days.”

Ten days is late to notify those who may have been exposed, and in turn expose others, or to be placed on known therapeutics to help avoid becoming  very ill. 

Unlike last year, when there were no covid19 vaccines, we were masking-up, social distancing, washing hands frequently, and generally taking other preventive measures to avoid catching covid19.   

Unlike last year, we have vaccines, which seem to have given a false sense of security not only to those who have had the vaccines, but those who have not received shots, that they will not catch covid19.  However, and especially with the more contagious covid d variant, many more cases are occurring here.    

Also, over the last couple of months, people have gone on vacations and not only brought back their pictures, but also, bugs and germs that existed wherever the vacationers visited.   

On June 20th, Governor Justice opened up the State with the result that local festivals, fairs and other activities began taking place and many people threw caution to the wind, along with masks and social distancing. The number of infections bears this out. 

The Scottish Highlands Festival was held at the Park on May 29.  For the month of June, our local Health Department reported 24 new covid cases.  

The Ephraim Bee Festival took place on July  16 and 17.  

On July 6 three cases were reported, July 13, one case, July 19, one case was reported.  July 23, two cases were reported for a total of seven (7) cases in July. 

In August in County activities spiked along with covid totals. 

The 4-H and FFA Stock Show and Sale was on July 28th. 

On August 2nd there were only three new cases.  The sports teams began practice on August 7. 

On August10, the covid count jumped to nine new cases as well as nine new cases for the week ending  August 16. 

The Fair began on August  17  and ran to the 21st with school starting on August 19. On the 23rd there were seventeen new cases of covid.

On August 27, DCHS held their first football game at home, after holding two  scrimmages earlier in the month  The total for new cases on August 29 was 29 for a total of positive cases of 67 in the month of August. 

At this, the beginning of September, our schools have been closed for three days. One day was stated to be for flooding and two days to hold teachers’ meetings that would normally have been held much later in the school calendar year.   

The positive case numbers reported  on September 4 for this past week is 65 new cases (from August 29 to September 4)  with  one new case at the North Central Regional Jail.  

We cannot roll back the summer and do things differently.   

We can, however, follow recommendations to lower the number of covid cases in Doddridge which includes:  

Increase the number of days in-county testing is provided

Stay at home when ill (unless going for a test or to doctor appointment)

Wear masks in crowds and around those whose health you are unsure of

Social distance

Wash hands frequently

Get the covid19 vaccine if you have no medical or religious reason not to

Only go where you need to .

For now we have the choice to the actions we take. Hopefully it won’t come to our government taking our choice away from us. 

 As I have been finishing this article, the number of covid19 cases has been recieved for today, Sunday, September 5th, , indicating another increase with 27 positive cases.

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