Members present: Jennifer Wilt, Delores Hinterer; Others Present: Cathy Trent, Eric Coberly, Morgan Haymond, Rusty Nicholson, David Glover and Sheena Hunt

   Delores Hinterer made a motion to approve the minutes of the March 2021 meeting. Jennifer Wilt seconded. Motion carried.

   Treasurer’s Report

   Jennifer Wilt made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report as presented. Dolores Hinterer seconded. Motion carried.

   Accounts Payable, Pace Analytical – $250.00, Armstrong – $49.68, Town of West Union Water Purchase – $52.00, Town of West Union Billing – $104.94, RLI – $100.00, CITCO Water – $936.85, IRS – $297.44, State of WV State Tax Department – $66.00, Unemployment Compensation Division Workforce WV – $52.49 — Jennifer Wilt made a motion to pay all accounts payable. Delores Hinterer, seconded. Motion carried.

   Public comment: None

   Snowbird/ Rt. 18 Project – Updates and Approvals — Rusty Nicholson reported that the new meter for the MPLX Smithburg Plant has been installed. It cannot be hooked up until MPLX corrects an error on their end. Once it’s fixed, they will connect to the PSD line.

   Oxford Phase I Project – Updates and Approvals — David Glover stated he has been in contact with the Town of West Union’s attorney Robert Rodecker. Rusty Nicholson will be starting sign ups for this project.

Blandville to West Union Project – Updates and Approvals

   Sheena Hunt has not heard any updates on the additional money we were requesting for the Blandville Project. Eric Coberly thought the meeting for the distribution of funds was today and hopefully we will have an answer by next week. The County Commission has agreed to fund a portion of or all of the overrun.

   Rt 23/Tarkiln Project – Updates and Approvals — Jennifer Wilt asked what project the PSD should prioritize once the Blandville Project is complete. With Oxford Phase I already fully-funded, we need to start looking at what comes next. Oxford Phase II and Rt. 23/Tarkiln were both identified as priority projects. PSD board members feel that bringing water into the county from Salem should be at the top of the list.

   Oxford Phase II Project – Updates and Approvals — No Discussion

   New Business

   There will be a County Commission meeting on April 20th that the PSD members are to attend.

   Next Meeting date:May 20,, 2021 @ 1:00 – location TBD

   Jennifer Wilt made a motion to adjourn. Delores Hinterer, seconded. Meeting adjourned at 1:35.

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