1:30 P.M. March 18, 2021 Conference Call Minutes

   Members present: Jennifer Wilt, David Kimball, Delores Hinterer

   Others: Cathy Trent, Eric Coberly, Morgan Haymond, Rusty Nicholson, Seth Devalt, and Sheena Hunt

   Approval of Minutes — David Kimball made a motion to approve the minutes of the February 2021 meeting. Jennifer Wilt seconded. Motion carried.

   Treasurer’s Report — David Kimball made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report as presented. Dolores Hinterer seconded. Motion carried.

Accounts Payable: Cathy Trent Payroll-$526.42; Cathy Trent (Reimbursement Geek Squad) -$211.99;  Armstrong-$49.68; Jennifer Wilt (Reimbursement File Cabinets)- $227.94;  EJ Fritz -$500.00; Clarksburg Water Board-$46.00; Town of West Union Water Purchase-$59.80

Town of West Union Billing-$104.94; WV BRIM-$629.00; CITCO Water- $936.85

   Jennifer Wilt made a motion to pay all accounts payable. Delores Hinterer, seconded. Motion carried.

   Public comment: None

Snowbird/ Rt. 18 Project – Updates and Approvals

  Rusty Nicholson stated that Triple H will be installing the meter for MPLX (new facility) on Snowbird as soon as they are available. Price for this installation will be $1,800.00. Cathy Trent contacts Zack Dobbins to see if we could write-off the balance of Carl Dodson’s account.     It was costing more to mail notices than the total balance. Dobbins stated that we could write it off.

Oxford Phase I Project – Updates and Approvals

   David Kimball inquired if we were moving forward on David Glover and Bob Rodecker communicating on this project. Jennifer Wilt stated she had not heard anything from Glover recently, but will reach out to him again.

   Sheena Hunt asked if a notice and public meeting had been held per USDA requirements. Jennifer Wilt will look into it.

Blandville to West Union Project – Updates and Approvals

   We have 2 new customer contracts for this project. Eric Coberly let the contractor know we are waiting to get additional funding for construction. Sheena will contact EDA and see if they can give additional funds. Jennifer Wilt spoke with the Commissioners and the matching funds have been set aside. A formal request will need to be made to approve release of these funds. Sheena Hunt presented Requisition 10 to be paid. Jennifer Wilt made motion to pay. David Kimball seconded. Motion carried.

Rt 23/Tarkiln Project – Updates and Approvals

No discussion.

Oxford Phase II Project – Updates and Approvals

No discussion.

New Business

   Zack Dobbins had stated it is time to be audited. Jennifer Wilt made a motion to have the audit completed for 2018-2019-2020 and that audits for prior years be waived. David Kimball seconded. Motion carried.

   Election of Officers were voted upon. Delores Hinterer position was up January 31, 2021. Jennifer made a motion for David Kimball to be Chairperson for 01-31-2021-01-31-2022. David Kimball seconded all were in favor. David Kimball made motion Delores Hinterer will stay on Board and Jennifer Wilt as Secretary/Treasure, Jennifer seconded motion carried.

Next Meeting date: April 15, 2021 @ 1:00 – Conference Call

David Kimball made a motion to adjourn. Jennifer Wilt seconded. Meeting adjourned at 1:55.

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