6:00 p.m., March 11, 2021 — Doddridge County Park

   Meeting called to order by Lowell Bee at 6:00

   Members present: Lowell Bee, Lowell McAfee, Jeff Gola, Jeff Harvey, Frank Brunetti, Isaac Richards and Jennifer Wilt

   Guests: None

   The Meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance at 6:00.

   There were no minutes of the previous meeting. 

   Treasure Report was presented by Greg Cottrill. Lowell McAfee made a motion to accept report as submitted. Jeff Gola seconded. Motion carried.

   No committee updates. 

Director’s Report

    Submitted $22,000 LED grant in January.

   The Blandville water line extension came in at $416,000 over budget.     Asking US EDA for an additional $208,000 and County Commission for matching $208,000. Overrun due to increased cost of material and doubling of holding tank. Because no agreement could be reached with landowner, booster station will be located further north on RT. 18.

   Oxford Phase I water line extension is still in progress. Still working on an agreement with West Union to utilize line under Rt. 50.

   Purchase of development sites was discussed. It was the consensus of the board that we not purchase property at this time, but market property owned by the county and other private landowners. A push will be made to seek developers for commercial and residential growth.

   Safeco gave a price of $400,000 to demolish old high school. Dave King, Clerk of the Works, will be getting a price soon from Empire Construction.

   As per County Commission instructions, the three landowners on Arnolds Creek are now receiving free broadband with speeds of 100 mbps down. Other homes within line of site of the tower on Punkin Center can also be hooked up now. Four towers will be up and running before May.

The rail trail fiver project has been stalled due to permitting issues.

   With USDA and RDOF funds, a large portion of the county will now be served via fiber, not wirelessly. 

   Will do a direct mailer when website is ready to be released to public. 

New Business

   After review of proposed budget, Lowell McAfee made a motion to approve budget and ask the County Commission for $43,400. Greg Cottrill seconded. Motion carried.

   The State Auditor’s Office is allowing the EDA to seek bids on a three-year audit (2019-2020-2021) and will mail out bid documents in June. 

   Jennifer and Greg Cottrill were asked to serve on the board of a Trail Authority spearheaded by Friends of the Cheat. The organization is still in the beginning phase.

   Bylaws will be updated with proper code and compliance laws. A few other revisions are also needed. Frost Brown Todd will be making the changes for board approval. 

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