“Special Levy Amounts”

The Doddridge County Park, Library, Health Department and Extension Service presented their request for a Special Levy at the September 1, 2020, County Commission Meeting for the Commission’s Approval. 

   The Petition states this Special Levy Election to be held on January 16, 2021, will raise, , a total of $1,821,491 per year, the grand total of $9,107,455, beginning July 1, 2021 and running July 1, 2025

   The funds that are to be raised will provide funding for the Doddridge County Library in the amount of $673,952 per year; the Doddridge County Health Department in the amount of $437,158 per year; the WVU Extension Service for Doddridge County in the amount of $127,504 per year and the Doddridge County Park and Recreations, a Corporation in the amount of $582,877.

   The property assessment on February 28, 2020, less Homestead Exemption, is $2,299,251,571. with the Levy being taxed at Class II (Homes/Owner occupied) 2.25 cents per hundred; Class III and Class IV (outside of Municipality, Rentals, Royalties, non farm and, businesses) at 9 cents per hundred. 

   There is a roll back which gives the County Commission the right to roll back the percentages if the taxes are increased and the addition that funds raised by the Special Levy can be used towards paying the costs associated with future Special Levy Elections.