Unoccupied House Burns

On Sunday, August16, 2020, just before dark, the call came in  for a structure fire on Garisson Ave. in West Union. 

   Arriving on scene, after beating the brush down to find the source of the fire, it was determined the house was unoccupied dwelling. 

   The fire was extinguished, suffering quite a bit of damage to the house, but before the fire could spread to outbuildings, the Historic Catholic Church or other homes and buildings in the vinicity. 

   It is unclear what started the fire at this time. 

   West Union VFD, Greenwood VFD,Smithburg VFD and the DCAA responded to the scene. Pennsboro and BANCS VFD were turned back to station.

Rear entry to the house ( Taken on 8/17/20)
Greenwood and West Union VFD