Letter to the Editor

During this pandemic I have too much time on my hands. I watched decades of westerns. All at once to the tune of HOME ON THE RANGE I wrote this ditty.

    Oh, give me a home where republicans roam Where my kids and my friends can all play.

   Where seldom is heard an encouraging word cause the libs and dems play their game.

   Home just ain’t the same where the left keeps on playing their game.

   Where seldom is heard an encouraging word cause Pelosi spouts off all the day.

    Home home at the range where Schumer, about my rifles, complainsGun control is his pet, he ain’t got them yet, and My friends and I cause him such pains.

    The riots should be their aim, but money is driving their train.

   Our freedoms at risk. The truths in a twist, and our children’s futures are strained.

    In recognition of the men and women who wears the uniforms, Thank you.

Lloyd Brightwell