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The Weekly Shaman–Chris Friend

According to some folklorist the vampire myth may have it’s origins in Asia, possibly India. The orient still has many vampire like spirits in it’s cultural mythology.In Malaysia has the Polong a vampire like imp. The Polong is also a devilish like fairy conjured up by a sorcerer to work evil.The Polong is believed to be created by the blood of a murdered man that’s placed is a bottle giving the Polong a  genie like  quality’It was said that on a matter of days the sound of chirping birds would echo out of the bottle making the conjurer aware the Polong has been conjured. The Malaysian conjure woman would offer own blood for the tiny spirit to suckle . When the Polong would achieve maturity and the Polong could set out and do it’s mischief. The Polong was described as  tiny figure about the size of the top of a person’s little finger.  Many diseases and maladies were attributed to it. And many charms were created tgo ward it off. Remember I am writing this from the view point  of a folklorist and not from serious belief. This article is just for entertain and not to be taken seriously.-CF