Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

    Yes, this is the curmudgeon at large. Angry that we are pushed around by illegal activity and illegal actions by the government elites.

   Saint Louis Mo. District Attorney Kimberly Garner ordered the confiscation of personal, legally owned firearms used for defending private property. They defended against a hoard of “peaceful” allegedly armed “protesters” who broke down a wrought iron gate and invaded the private property. How can anyone stand for this action?

   These people were standing at their front door!

   The people of Saint Louis should demand a recall vote and throw this person out of office. I wonder if a class action suit could be started naming the City of Saint Louis and the District Attorney. If it’s happening to the Mc Clowsky’s, it can happen to anyone, particularly if you are not “special”.

   Our second amendment rights were violated in Missouri and can or will it happen here.

   Can we afford to wait to find out?

    Richmond Virginia, the Virginia legislative body enacted laws contrary to the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Every firearm made from the first built is now “illegal” because of the wording of these laws. Remember the twisting of words to protect the illegal actions of the elites from severe encroachments to tolerable infractions. Now the words are twisted to blame an inanimate object for the blackness in the hearts of a few.

   The actions of the “protesters” has become forcefully violent and infectious. These movements are worse than the Corona Virus. The people in charge are sacrificing the public’s peace and rights for this disastrous movement.

   When interviewed, Nancy Pelosi stated “people will be people” as the rioters tore down statues of our history. Even religious statues.

   Children are being sacrificed because of the increase of violence and loss of leadership, Yes I said lack of leadership. Chicago and New York City.have so far doubled their murder rates and other violent crimes. Children are killed as innocent bystanders because of politics. How many have to die?

   I do not know how to contact our senators, Congress men and women or governor offices. But I would like to ask what are they doing now to prevent and protect us from the hoards of destructive actions of today, and in our future. Has anyone seen, read, asked about a plan?

   A plan of action should be devised today. Before it’s needed.

   Antifa already has a plan to tear down America. Don’t believe it? Look at New York City, Minneapolis, Portland and the list goes on.

    Some of our candidates for high office have threatened our ownership of legal, modern sporting rifles. Beto O’Rouke has been named by Joe Biden as the future firearms czar. He promised during his run for President when he tried to mimic the “American President” movie statement by Michael Douglas, “and we will get the guns”.

   Beto angered me to the point I bought an AR just for spite. Each time an elite threatened the legal purchase and ownership of such, I want to go out and buy one.

   When purchased the manufacturer is supported, the gun shop is supported, the BATFE has to earn their living and the NRA is supported. Until Obama said we should not be allowed to own an AR 15 (modern sporting rifle). I had no desire to own one. He kept speechifying and I bought one because he said I shouldn’t have one. He sold more MSRs (AR 15) than anyone. (He was full of half of the ingredients of compost. And I know it wasn’t yard waste).

   When running for office Obama during an interview stated he believed gasoline should be $9.00 per gallon and electricity would necessarily be higher. He promised to “fundamentally transform America.” These statements were made during an interview when he was running for president.

   Some running for High Office today has promised exactly the same. Higher taxes, higher fuel prices, resulting in lower take home pay.

I was brought up to respect the reverence of a funeral. I saw in Atlanta at an important American ‘s funeral Obama make negative radical and anti American speech without honoring the important work throughout the individual’s life.

What a disgraceful display.

    I really like to pick on Gov. Cuomo. I want a job where I can affect so many people in a negative manner, be investigated by my own agencies and be found exonerated. The best part is to blame others for my own short comings.

    I have an idea for a case study for Prevagen.

   Give significant doses to the leaders of blue states and cities, Then see if their cities and states improve.

   That would impress me to point of believing they would be, at least, as smart as a jellyfish.

   At this time I will close with thanking the men and women of law enforce   ment and the military for their service.

Lloyd Brightwell