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The Weekly Shaman- Chris Friend

With these dark times with the corona virus and all I feel the a lot of us are feeling the blues. In many of the self help books I have read that it helps to take some inventory of our lives. I have read that one excellent way to do this is to make list of things we like about ourselves. Take paper and pencil and make a list of ten good qualities you appreciate about yourself. Make twenty if possible.  Try to keep the language positive. Write down your talents, even if something like I am a good driver. If you have beautiful garden that you have worked on, then write it down. When you get finished put the list into an envelope, don’t seal it, and put the envelope away for a few days. Keep the envelope as a reminder when you need validation. When you take it out you might even want to add to the list. If you have trouble making a list ask a close friend to help you come with your good qualities. And so it goes.