July 21,2020 Commission Meeting

The Doddridge County Commission met on July 21, 2020 in the Commission Room , calling the meeting to order after Prayer and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. 

   Elected Officials and employees  present included: Commissioners Ronnie Travis, Clinton Means and Shawn Glaspell, County Clerk Catee Slater, Circuit Clerk Michelle Britton, Chief Deputy Clerk Beth Kellar, Executive Assistant Randee Britton, Assistant Prosecutor Betsy Shaw, DCAAA Representatives, Neal Romain and Cody Joe, CoW David King, Park Director Greg Cottrill, Floodplain/Oems Director George Eidel, EDA/PSD Jennifer Wilt and  Community Corrections Director Jamie Reiser.

   After approving the minutes to the past meeting the floor was opened for Public Comment where each Commissioner made brief statements, 

   The Commission approved for Mike Headley, Sheriff, to donate the 2009 Ford Explorer to Public Service District  and the  2010 Ford Explorer to DC Park. The titles were given to Jennifer Wilt for the PSD and Greg Cottrill for the Park. 

   Jamie Riser requested the Commission to approve the Community Corrections 20/21 Grant Budget in the amount of $190,051 with the Commission paying $137,551  and the Grant being in the amount of $52,500. He explained the grant amount was basically the same every year and that 96 persons had been served in the past year by the Community Correction, saving the County  an estimated $350,000. The Commission approved his request. 

   David King presented a request to the Commission for Authorization to request the Town of West Union to close Cross Street (the alley that  runs from Court Street to Wood Street) which separates the County Annex properties. His request was approved. 

   Patricia Harris requested funding in the amount of $2753.47 to stabilize the tombstones  of Chapman J Stewart  and Jennings that are in Blockhouse Cemetery which are becoming a hazard. The Commission first questioned funding tombstone repair until Ms. Harris responded  them of the fact that it was the Commission who had taken responsibility for the Blockhouse Cemetery and requested the Historical Society to maintain it.  Her request was granted. 

   Jeremy Moore from DC Extension Service and from the Doddridge County Farmers Market requested funding  in the amount of $5407.70 to install electricity in the Farmers Market pavilion so fans, meat coolers and lightening could be used. The Commission approved their request. 

The request to amend the Personnel Manuel Policies for Compensatory Time and Vacation time as well as Clarification of Holidays was tabled by the Commission. 

   The Commission considered their Policies and Procedures for COVID-19 Public Safety Measures and decided not to change the rules put in place at their last meeting. They added they would ask those who have vacationed out of the area to either be tested or to isolate themselves for fourteen days upon returning.  

   George Eidel presented three Floodplain Permits to the Commission : 1: West Fork Land Conservation District for Swisher Lane to place a dry hydrant into the stream at the Mark West Bridge; 2.Mark West renewal of Permit 19-55 for the pipeline connecting their two plants and; 3.  Antero for the renewal of 18-504 to repair a road off of Ramsey Ridge. 

   He went on to report: He is continuing with State and FEMA meetings; He had donated PPE to the Board of Education so that it would be available for the start of school; the tower site cement should be settled by the end of the week and the tower is setting in Lincoln County ready to move onto site; the equipment for the tower is being stored at the 911 Center; the road to the Archers Fork site had a huge hole in it that the state road has repaired; and that the LEPC Meeting had been held through Zoom. 

   Neal Romain and Cody Joe reported the DCAA has $120,766.73 in their primary account; The balance in “The Fund” is $344,974.10 (Includes the insurance payments), and the income for the month to date is $11,321.70. They were asked about the status of the new units to which they responded that the chassis seemed to be completed and they were working on the design at this point.  

   David King, Clerk of the Works reported: plexiglass shields had been made for the Assessor’s employees, there was a water main leak in the old WUGS that had to be repaired; the carpet had been replaced from the water damage in the hall; and they were working on the Prosecutors Office and would need to repaint the whole room instead of just the turret area due to red dust falling all over. 

   There were two in house budget revisions to be made because of the increase in dues, $900 from the County Commission’s Supply Budget to Dues and $200 from the County Clerk’s Supply Budget into Dues. 

   The Commission went into Executive Session at 6:35PM to consider the agenda item “Heather Miller, (DCAA Employee) Personnel Issue. The were still in session at 7:01PM. 

Jeremy Moore requesting funds for power at the Farmers Market 
Jamie Rieser
Jennifer Wilt and Greg Cottrill Picking up the Ford Titles