Foley Monument Replaced

This past Tuesday, July 7th, the Clara V. Foley Monument which was destroyed in an accidental automobile event in 2018 was at last replaced with an exact replica.  Historical Society member and grounds keeper, Ray Leggett and his team poured the foundation saving the cost of that process which would have amounted to $750.  Mr. Leggett charged only the cost of the material and payment for his team.  We are so grateful for his much-needed assistance.

    After a successful search for the individual who was driving the vehicle, we obtained the insurance information, produced an estimate to State Farm (the insurance company used) which was accepted, and waited to receive the payment.  State Farm was very prompt, and we soon began looking for a monument company that could duplicate the massive 100+ yrs. old monument weighing approx.10,000 lbs. 

   We were not so fortunate in our attempt to locate an individual who was next of kin.  Therefore, the Doddridge County Historical Society who oversees the cemetery was able to obtain the insurance information and chose Kirby Monument Company in Parkersburg to handle the reproduction process.  The stone had to be done without the aid of computers as most are done today.  

    The result was stunning.  Historical Society Officers, Patricia Harris, Harlen Harris, Gilbert Neely were at the site during the installation.  We are so pleased and grateful for Kirby Monument Company for taking the initiative to go the extra mile for us.  We hope that if a family member should one day visit the grave, they will be as pleased as we are.