County Commission Approves Moving Forward with Building of the Annex

 On July 7, 2020, the Doddridge County Commission held their first meeting of the Fiscal Year 20/21 in the Commission Room. 

   Calling the meeting to order at 9:01 am after holding a silent prayer and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, the Commission moved forward with approving the minutes to their last meeting. 

   Under Public Comment, Patricia Harris spoke to the Commission concerning the donations of the Newspaper Books and the fund raiser associated with it. 

   She went on to speak about the old Columbia Hotel/Hospital, first noting that she was a person of her word and she had told the Commission that it would be torn down if it was felt it could not be saved. 

   She noted the Historic Society had come to the point of removing it because they felt that grant funding would not be available and indicated the members had agreed to tear it down. She went on to say that all funds for the purchase of it were from her and there are hopes to donate the lot to the Commission/Town for something the community needs and could use it for. 

   Ronnie Travis, President, moved up the agenda, placing Thrasher Engineering later and turned the floor over to the 911 Mapping and Addressing. 

   The 911 representatives gave first readings for Harley Davidson Drive off a Private Drive off of Rt. 23 North, Flat Bottom Drive a Private Drive off of Meathouse Fork, and Family Hill Lane off of Ramsey Ridge, all of which will service 2 qualified address structures. 

   Jennifer Wilt, DC PSD, Consideration of Operating Account  was tabled at the request of Ms. Wilt and the Commission approved her request.

   Mark Yonkin, Council Member, Town of West Union  requested around $46,000 to complete paving the streets in West Union.  His request met a question from the Commission asking him why the city would not work with the DC PSD to provide water service from Ritchie County. 

   Younkin explained that the West Union Town Council, meeting as a group,  had not been asked by the PSD. He indicated that maybe someone had spoken with the Mayor about it. He was informed that it would cost the DC PSD an additional $500,000 to use the water from the Town. 

   A consensus was made between the Commission and Yonkin, for the Town to take up this issue at a future Town Council meeting.

   Back to the request for the $46,000,  Commissioner Travis made the motion to use the funds earmarked for the Town’s replacement of the drains at Rt 50 and Neeley Avenue,  for the paving. His motion was approved. 

Catee Slater, Doddridge County Clerk, introduced and asked the Commission to hire Joyce Joswick as one of two hires for the Clerk’s Bookkeeping department. Darlene Kelly not able to be present, being the second of the two. The Commission approved them being hired. 

   Matt Breakey of Thrasher Engineering after talking about the basic design and complementing the input from the community, presented pictures of the future Annex building. 

First Floor Plans
2nd Floor
Ground Floor