West Virginia Republican Party Elects Delegates and Alternate Delegates to 2020 Republican National Convention

Charleston, W.Va. – The West Virginia Republican State Executive Committee approved a slate of Delegates and Alternate Delegates nominated by the re-election campaign of President Donald J. Trump for the 2020 Republican National Convention at its annual Summer Meeting in Flatwoods, West Virginia, over the weekend. 

   “President Donald J. Trump’s campaign nominated a slate that reflects West Virginia. We’re proud to have all regions and lots of diversity among our delegation. West Virginians are excited and passionate about supporting President Trump and his agenda. West Virginia gave President Trump the highest vote percentage of any state in 2016, and we will do that again in 2020,” said Melody Potter, Chairwoman of the West Virginia Republican Party. 

   Members of the Republican National Committee, Delegates, Alternate Delegates, and guests will gather in Jacksonville, Florida, from August 24 to 28 to renominate President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence as the Republican Party’s nominees. 

   Potter concluded, “President Donald Trump has grown our economy, created jobs, made America stronger, and that resonates in West Virginia. We are proud to have elected a delegation that will represent West Virginia Republicans in Jacksonville and stand united in our support and commitment to re-elect President Donald Trump.”

    Please see the list of Delegates and Alternate Delegates to the 2020 Republican National Convention approved by the West Virginia Republican State Executive Committee below:

   At-Large Delegates: Beth Bloch, Tom Bloch, Mitch Carmichael., Sue Cline,  Rhett Dusenbury, Marnie Edwards, Tony Hodge, Tresa Howell, Phillips Kolsun, Pam Krushansky,  Daniel Linvill, John Overington, Kevin Poe,  Rob Potter, Lisa Ramey, Lewis Rexroad, Roman Stauffer, Sue Spicer, Larry Swann, Charles Trump IV,  Kristian Warner, Michelle Wilshere, and Jack Woodrum

    At-Large Alternates: Kristi Beddow, Logan Casterline, Mary Durstein, Lisa Fausey, Mark Harris, Jessica Hodge, Josh Holstein, Joyce Jennings, Bruce Kolsun, Brian Long, Phil Mallow, Elgine McArdle, Ethan Moore, 

Riley Moore, Jared Page, Jeannine Powell, Summer Ratcliffe, Emily Rockwell, Joe Statler, Jay Taylor, Dennis Westover, David Winkler, and

Katherine Winkler

    Congressional District 1:  

        Delegates: Virginia Brown, Roger Conley, and Norma Davis

        Alternates: Greg Baldt, Trenton Barnhart,  andSamuel Brown

    Congressional District 2

        Delegates:   Virginia King, Veronica Lewis, and Mac Warner

       Alternates: Brian Casto,  Elias Coop-Gonzalez, and Cristin Dusenbury

    Congressional District 3

        Delegates: Caleb Hanna, Karen McCoy, and T-Anne See

       Alternates: Benton Anderson, Anne Dandelet, and Daniel Hall