Letter to the Editor–Norman Rockwell

Dear Editor,

   It is Fathers Day 2020 when a knock on the door came. The man at the door asked permission to fish the ponds where I currently reside. He and his brother and father had been here before.

   He, as always, stopped to ask permission for he and a few family members to fish. I agreed and we had a nice visit.

   He and his niece and nephew left to return later with the family.

   Around 5:30 they returned.

   The father sat in his camp chair enjoying the company of the children. With a worm on the hook and the bobber bouncing in the water. His lady sat beside him enjoying the spectacle of the little girl catching sunfish after sunfish.

   The uncle, my friend, was casting for bass. He managed several.

   I went out on the back deck and observed the quiet peaceful lives before me. I marveled at the family, three generations on a bright sunny day just enjoying each other’s company.

   I told the lady how this reminded me of the America Norman Rockwell’s art portrays.

   All I needed was a  glass bottle full of Coca Cola.

   I appreciate days like this. They make me glad to have lived the life I’ve been allowed.

   I wish days like this for all.

   Lloyd Brightwell